Data entry stinks

…but using AI is easier than you think

our mission

extractbots™ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) makes AI approachable and affordable for any business. We allow any business leader, at any technical level, to insert AI into their operations to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve performance.

Give us your documents, tell us what you want out of them, what format you need it in, and where you want it to go. We do the rest!

our history

Spin off, not a startup. Developed by AMI Strategies, a 30 year-old enterprise technology management firm, to accelerate and simplify the extraction of thousands of data points from (deep) telephony invoices, our extractbots™ were purpose-built for complex document data transformation use cases.

And, our 100% USA-based team has extensive experience building APIs, RPAs, and all sorts of other fancy acronym-named thingies for enterprise clients

AI for “Average” Joe’s

So far, we haven’t seen a solution on the market that doesn’t look complicated, expensive, or doesn’t require your own dev staff.

So we created a simple, affordable and non self-service solution available for any forward-thinker who wants to solve their data-entry woes super fast, within their available budget and without having to involve their IT team or compete with their nerdy IT priorities.

Our humans in the loop

Jane Sydlowski

David Sonenstein

Jon Dezelsky

Dean Keeler